Sagelux, a benchmark in the emergency lighting sector and fire protection systems

Sagelux, a benchmark in the emergency lighting sector  and fire protection systems

It’s essential to understand the role that emergency lights play in architecture. In the current Regulation of Fire Protection Installations (RIPCI), the Emergency Lighting is established as one of the Fire Protection Systems to be controlled in an installation.

Consequently, maintenance companies of fire installations must include emergency luminaires in maintenance procedures, as they are required to submit a technical report of the situation, issue a maintenance certificate and have a record of their activities for 5 years of the installation.

These facilities don’t always accomplish the standard required in case of emergency. There is a simple and immediate operation that allows to check the operation of the luminaires in the case of electric power cut, simply interrupting the circuit that the power supply. In this way it’s verified that the luminaires perform the switching. However, it is also necessary to ensure that the lights maintain their autonomy from the electricity network for the minimum time marked in the regulations.

The investment of time that this operation brings to the maintenance companies makes the self-testing systems more and more appreciated and demanded. The Automatic Integrated Test System (SATI) that Sagelux incorporates in its Intelligent Autotest luminaires allows the luminaire to check automatically the correct operation of the battery-light source. In addition, it ensures that the luminaire complies with the minimum autonomy established depending on the type of installation.

Autotest luminaires are a perfect ally to achieve a proper maintenance of the installation, in addition to being continuously checking the status of the luminaires, allows the discharge and subsequent charging of the battery periodically.

Sagelux families offer Autotest versions, both the oriented models and spaces with a more careful design, the Optimal, Premier, Cube, Globe or Plat families as the more industrial and basic models, Rectangular or EVO series. In the case of the new Brick family, it incorporates the Autotest system of the series, as commitment of the brand with the technology and support for the professionals who maintain these systems.

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