Technical + Clean & Medical Lighting

Since 1974, illuminating your ideas.

Our experience in lighting, was born 50 years ago from the discovery of the first electrified rail (1958/1961), one of the great inventions of the last century. Since then we have travelled a long and exciting path dedicated to lighting our customers' projects, which has given us solid know-how and allowed us to create new ways of controlling light and making the most of its possibilities, creating the right atmosphere and highlighting the sensations generated by architectural design.

In Troll we understand light as an ally of construction and we take advantage of its capacity to create pleasant atmospheres and sensations. The ideas that we conceptualise make us be at the forefront of lighting trends, offering a service that goes far beyond the concept of light and is in permanent harmony with the environment and people. Our goal is to understand light, to dialogue with it, and to make the most of its possibilities. At Troll we leave nothing to chance, our name and image is the reflection of a technology that has transformed the world by controlling light and making the most of its possibilities. When choosing our products, our customers gain a partner who will give them all their experience and its best know-how to achieve together any challenge.